Rembrandt 2019

As part of the national celebration of Rembrandt and the Golden Age 2019 there will be special activities and exhibitions throughout the Netherlands. The Rembrandt House Museum, the Rijksmuseum, Museum de Lakenhal, the Mauritshuis, the Fries Museum and the Stadsarchief (City Archives) have special programmes focusing on the master himself.

The Rembrandt year at the Rembrandt House Museum in 2019

Where better to start Rembrandt Year than in the house where it all happened? Nowhere will you come closer to the artist, the family man, the teacher and the art dealer than in this historic place in the heart of Amsterdam. He made his most famous masterpieces here over a period of nearly twenty years, met the most interesting people and experienced his greatest loves. In 2019 the museum will be given over to celebrations of the famous artist with a special programme in his own house. Three exhibitions will shed light on Rembrandt’s life and work from different angles and present well-known and less well-known works by the master.



Rembrandt’s Social Network
Family, Friends and Acquaintances
1 February – 19 May 2019

The Rembrandt House’s staging of Rembrandt’s Social Network marks the start of Rembrandt Year 2019, three and a half centuries after his death. This exhibition will be devoted to Rembrandt’s friends and acquaintances and the role they played in his life and work – for even a great artist like Rembrandt was no lonely genius. A good networker, he used his social network actively and determinedly. He had a family and friends who helped him, who bought his paintings, who lent him money and challenged him artistically.

Rembrandt’s social network will be explored through some major figures in his life – his childhood friend Jan Lievens, the art connoisseur Jan Six, Abraham Francen, who stood by him in difficult times, artist friends such as Roelant Roghman and, of course, his wife’s family, the Uylenburghs, his ‘blood relations’. The informality of the paintings, drawings and prints is striking and the exhibition includes work by Rembrandt that has rarely if ever been seen in the Netherlands.


Inspired by Rembrandt
100 Years of Collecting by the Rembrandt House
7 June – 1 September 2019

The Rembrandt House is not just Rembrandt’s former home and workshop; for more than a century it has been a museum with its own collection. The collection consists primarily of works on paper. Rembrandt’s etchings are of course well represented, but the museum also has prints by his predecessors and contemporaries as well as by modern and contemporary artists who were inspired by Rembrandt.

This exhibition will feature the most remarkable examples from the museum’s collection. Discover the surprising selection of old and new, big and small, fine and sketchy. You will see work by such artists as Rembrandt, Hercules Segers, Edgar Degas and Pablo Picasso, and also by Horst Janssen, Willem den Ouden, Charles Donker and Glenn Brown.


Laboratory Rembrandt
Rembrandt’s Technique Unpicked
21 September 2019 – 16 February 2020

How did Rembrandt make his paintings and etchings? And how do we go about investigating this today? In the autumn of 2019, the museum will create a laboratory-like setting, in which the new insights and the master’s secrets will be revealed. Discover how a drawing by Rembrandt has changed over the centuries, see what was added to an etching by others and consider the dilemmas of researchers and conservators.

This exhibition will bring the world of research into materials and techniques to life. In recent years scientists and restorers have subjected various works of art by Rembrandt to the latest analytical methods. This has often produced surprising and ground-breaking results. Now visitors will be able to experience the scientific methods and techniques for themselves, in the place where the works of art were made.

This exhibition is staged in collaboration with the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, NICAS and Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed

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